What Is The Easiest Language To Learn?

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What Is The Easiest Language To Learn?
Are you choosing a foreign language to learn and want to choose an easy one? Warch the video to find out which language to choose for learning.
So, you decided to start learning a foreign language and you want to choose an easy language. Which one should you choose? Let's talk about that. 
Hi, I'm Julia and this is Random English, a channel that will help you improve your English listening skills. 
So, which language is the easiest one to learn? Which foreign language should you choose for learning? Well, firstly, I must say that choosing a language just because you think it is easy to learn - it's not a good idea. You should choose a language that you want to learn, that you are motivated to learn, that you like. Well, in some cases, of course, there are languages that you have to learn, for example, for work, but choosing a language just because it's easy - maybe, not the best idea. And secondly, there is no such thing as the easiest language of them all. In fact, how easy or difficult a language is for you personally depends on many factors.
One of the factors is your native language. For example, if your native language is English such languages as German or Spanish could be easier for you than, for example, Russian or some Asian languages. If you are a person from Belarus or Ukraine, countries which have slavic languages, Russian would be easier for you to learn than English. So, it depends on your first, on your native language. 
Secondly, a lot depends on your motivation. If you like this language, if you enjoy the country where it is spoken, its culture, its people - it would be much easier for you to learn than just any language. 
Thirdly, it may depend on the resources that are available for studying this language. For example, there are a lot of great resources for learning English, online and offline, and a lot of them are great and make learning English actually easier. But not all languages have that. Unfortunately, if you want to learn some rare language it may be difficult to find the resources and thus more difficult to learn the language. 
Another factor that can influence how easy or difficult learning a language is for you is the number of languages that you already know. If you don't know any foreign languages the first foreign language can be a little difficult. But if you start learning other languages, especially if they are languages that are related, languages that belong to the same group, like slavic languages or germanic languages, it will be easier for you with each new language. So, for example, after learning English and German learning Spanish felt really easy for me. So, if you already have several foreign languages that you know, the next one will be easier.
Well, these are the main factors that can influence how easy or difficult learning a foreign language is for you. But I would like to repeat what I often say in my videos that motivation is the key. If you are motivated to learn a language, if you enjoy the process of learning it, it will make learning it easier and more fun. 
Well, that's it for today. I hope this video was useful. Thank you for watching, liking and commenting, and I will see you around in the next video. Bye bye.