There may be just THREE main reasons why you have problems learning English. Don't believe me? Watch the video and find out more.

I often hear from my students and from lots of other people that they have tried and tried and tried to learn English many times for many years, but they fail. And they ask me "Why?", "What am I doing wrong?". Well, there can actually be just three main reasons why you fail at learning English or any other foreign language. Let me tell you a bit about them.

Hi, I am Julia and this is Random English, a channel that will help you improve your English skills. So, as I said, there may be just three main reasons why you cant learn English or any other foreign language. And, to be honest, these reasons are not very pleasant, but - good news - if you do it correctly, they can be very easy to overcome. Let's begin.

Reason number one: you are LAZY! Unfortunately that's true. We are all lazy. We are all lazy in different areas. For example, I am very lazy at sports, like, super lazy person. Some people say that they don't have time, they are too old, they don't have enough momey to learn English - well, all these things are actually lame excuses. A lame excuse is something that you say if you don't want to do something, but it's not really true. It is not true, believe me. I have talked about some of these things in my previous videos - I'll try to give a link somewhere here. I'll try. And these things are not really reasons not to learn English. The fact is that you are just lazy. If you really wanted and if you were not lazy, you would start learning English right now and do it quite well. But it's easy for you and your brain just to do things that you always do and not learn anything new.

Reason number 2 is MOTIVATION. Motivation is really important when studying a language. And sometimes when, for example, you have to learn a language at work or at school this may not be enough. But you can motivate yourself additionally, you can learn to love the language, you can find some extra motivation in other things. For example, if we speak about English, think about English music and literature - all of the English culture. If you learn English well you will have access to all of those great cultural things.

And reason number three: you have some wrong negative ideas in your brain. This reason is actually connected with reason number one a little bit. Often people come to me and say something like "I can't learn English, I always fail, I have so many problems, it's just not for me". Well, it's not true. Almost anyone - really, anyone - can learn English and do it well, but if you approach it negatively, with negative ideas in your mind, it will be very very difficult for you. Learning English sometimes is already not easy and thinking negatively you make it even more difficult. Well, you may ask me then, "What should I do, how can I fight these reasons?". Well, I already have some videos with some useful ideas on my channel - I will give links to them in the description to the video. Also, as I mentioned before, try to motivate yourself additionally, create a little bit of discipline, try to make your lazy brain study, even if it's a little bit every day and practice positive thinking - this will really make learning English or any other foreign language a bit easier.

If you have any question, please, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments - I will try to answer them all and help you. If you enjoyed this video, give it a like and subscrive to the channel for more useful advice about learning English. I will see you around in the future cideos. Goodbye.