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Do you want me to tell you why you are already X years old, but you still can not learn a foreign language? You don't ? Well, I'll tell you anyway. It will be unpleasant and painful, but at least it'll be free, without registration and SMS.
The main idea is: it is all your fault. So if you tend to blame your failure in learning a language on someone or something else - teachers, government, astrologers, lack of time, the stars - you will not make any progress until you start changing this perception. However, I'll talk about this later.
So, the first reason is: you are a LAZY ASS.
When speaking about studying foreign languages, many people give many excuses for their failure: I do not have the time, I do not have the talent, I do not have the money, I have tried and failed, I'm too old for this shit, it's impossible to learn a language without living in a country where it's spoken, , etc, etc. They repeat these words as a mantra, until they fervently believe in them themselves. But behind most of these statements there lies simple laziness. Yes, studying a foreign language is not always easy, but it does not require you to make some kind of superhuman effort. But to do this it will be necessary to tear your ass off the couch, or whatever it is that it is glued to, and - OMG, so scary - begin to do something. And sometimes you do not even need to tear your ass off the couch. Some other time (if I'm not too lazy, lol))), I'll tell you about all these excuses in detail, but now I will give you just one small example. "I do not have time to learn a foreign language," you say. And now think and tell me, can you find 5 minutes a day? If your answer is "no", then, most likely, you are lying - and do not really want to learn a foreign language. Or it is your laziness speaking. You have to fight it. Or try to compromise. The good news is that you can really start small - from 5 minutes, if we are talking about time - which requires not much effort and you do not need to turn your life upside down. (Here is some advice on how to find time for learning English - or another foreign language) The bad news is that you at least have to do something, that's the horror, you still have to. I will speak about this in more detail in some other publication.
The second reason: you have PROBLEMS WITH MOTIVATION.
Why do perverts like me study foreign languages by themselves with pleasure and this seems to come to them so easily? Well, firstly, it's not as easy as it seems. And secondly, they - we - like it. I "easily" and with pleasure study foreign languages ​​not because I have some special talents or super-intelligence. I just enjoy it. Someone can spend hours in the garden, or playing with children, watch TV shows, go shopping, read books. For entertainment, I do language exercises in the Duolingo application, and when I'm completely bored, I sometimes start learning some new language simply because I can. I have a strong inner motivation. But not everyone is so lucky. Or "lucky." Someone, say, has to learn a language for work, but does not really want to. Is this person doomed to suffer? Not at all: additional motivation can be found-dash-created. Perhaps not as strong as that of crazy linguists and polyglots, but it is sufficient to facilitate learning a foreign language, and perhaps even make this process very exciting.
"But what should I do if I am a MOTIVATED, NOT LAZY ASS, but I still can not learn a foreign language?" you may ask, and I will answer that the third reason may be to blame: WRONG IDEAS in your head. Many of the excuses mentioned by me above also apply to such negative ideas and perceptions (and in general, the division into three reasons is somewhat arbitrary, they usually act together and are interconnected with one another), for example, "it is easy to learn a foreign language only for children," "foreign languages ​​are difficult "or" learning a foreign language is expensive. " Such attitudes sometimes settle so firmly in one's head that the person does not even make any attempts to do something - not necessarily because they are lazy (although, most likely, that it true, too)), but because they are absolutely sure that studying a language for them is bound to fail, so why waste the effort?! It can be difficult to fight such ideas in one's mind  - depending on when, by whom and how firmly they were planted in the person's head - but this is possible. If you know that you have such negative ideas, that they create problems for you and you are ready to fight them (I actually know a person with the firmest belief "I can never learn English, it's impossible", who stubbornly does not want to listen to me and understand that it's just an idea in her head) - it is already the beginning. And if you are also really motivated, not a lazy ass, then as soon as you start fighting with the negative ideas you found, you will immediately start making progress! 🙂
And that's probably all I want to tell you today. But I can say much more! And I can answer your questions. That is why please ask me about what interests you, write comments - I have many plans for what I will write about in this blog, but I'll be glad to start with what my readers are interested in ^ _ ^
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