Should I Learn British Or American English?

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Should I Learn British Or American English?
Are you still choosing between British English, American English or maybe some other variant? This video will help you understand which variant you should choose and why. 
There are so many variants of English: British, American, Australian, Canadian... There is also "Russian" English, "German" English and so on. So, which variant should you learn? 
Hi, my name is Julia and this is Random English - a channel that will help you improve your English skills. 
A lot of people often ask me which variant of English they should choose for learning. Mostly they choose between British English and American English. So, what is the difference and which variant should you really choose? 
To answer the first question, the difference is really not that big. The first noticeable different thing is the pronunciation. People from Britain and America pronounce certain words differently, for example, British "dance" and American "dance". Is it such a big difference, what do you think? 
There is also a difference in the words. There are different words for the same ideas in British and American English, for example, the British "autumn" and American "fall". 
There is also a difference in spelling. Have a look at these two variants of the word colour. One is British, the other is American. 
There is also some difference in the grammar, but, to be honest, I can't really give you any examples, because these differences are not so easy to see and they are usually quite small.
Well, these are the differences. So, which variant should you choose for learning? To be honest, it doesn't really matter. The differences are not so big. You can easily get used to them and you can learn to understand lots of different accents of English. I think the only situation where it may be important which variant you learn is when you definitely know that you are going to Great Britain or to the United States to live and work there. Then it is probably preferable to learn the languag spoken in the country where you will live. But in other situations it probably doesn't matter. A lot of people that you will meet will have not British or American accent but lots and lots of other English accents and many of them will be foreigners for whom English is a second language. 
So, my advice would be: concentrate on learning the language in general - vocabulary, grammar, expressing your ideas, - when you do listening, try to do different accents, it will help you to understand people from different countries easier. And if you want to choose a variant - choose the varian that you like, the variant - the accent that sounds better for you.
Well, that is it for today. I hope it was at least a little bit useful. Thank you everyone for watching, liking and commenting, and I will see you around in the next video. Bye bye.