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Meet My Cats

Well, it was coming sooner or later: a video with me talking about my cats. So, here it is now 🙂 Even if you are not a cat person - it is still good listening practice.

I am not using my new microphone here because cats and wires together are not a good idea 🙂

Hi, everyone. So I just recieved this lovely t-shirt. This is now my favourite crazy-cat-lady t-shirt and I decided that it is finally time to tell you all about my cats. So, if you dislike cats, this video is probably not for you, but it will still give you some good English listening practice. Let's begin.

Ok, so, this is Alice. And she is my oldest cat. She is 7 years old. And, um, she was a stray cat, it means that she lived on the street before I found her and took her home. She is also the fluffiest from all my cats. And you can see that she doesn't like to be held, she really doesn't like to be in someone's hands - only sometimes, not very often, when she is in a very good mood.

This is Tosha. Or Anton, but we never call him that. He is the biggest cat in our family. He is five years old, and he is also the kindest, softest and cuddliest cat in the family. He really likes to be held, petted, cuddled and you will probably get tired from petting him faster than he will.

And the last but not the least - Fanny. She is also five years old and she is the smallest cat in the family. She is also the craziest cat, so if something crazy hapens in the house - probably, she did it. She also doesn't really like to be held and she often starts crying - you can hear her - not because she is hurt, but because she likes to cry.

Well, this is my little cat family. And they are really a family - Alice is the mother and the other two are the children. In the comments please tell me if you have any pets and what type of pet do you prefer: a cat, a dog or maybe something else.
Thank you everyone for watching, liking and commenting, and I will see you around in the next video.

Bye bye.