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It is no secret that the best way to improve your English is to communicate in it. With a teacher. With native speakers. With fellow learners. Thanks to the Internet, you can do it anytime and practically anywhere. How? One of the answers is language exchange sites. On the Random English channel I have a series of videos on this topic: how to practice speaking and meet native-speakers, how to use language exchange websites effectively, tips for better speaking. These videos will help you get started with speaking English. 


Communicating in written English (letters, emails, texting, chatting) is a good way to practice English, too, and a great way for shy people (like myself) to start communicating in a foreign language. Writing or typing for some people is easier than speaking - so why not start with it? Random English and I can help you out with this: there is a Skype group chat for the Random English community which you can join. I am not always online, but you can chat with other learners from different countries. Isn't that great? 🙂 Join the group chat and do not hesitate to write!