I though I would share something more peronal this time. How about my artbook? 
Sometimes people say to me: You are so creative, I could never be as creative as you. Well, to be honest, I never thought about myself as a creative person. I just do some things that some people consider creative. But in fact they are not very hard to do and today I am going to tell you about one of such things, which is quite creative, interesting and, actually, easy to do. 
Hi, I'm Julia and this is Random English, the channel that will help you improve your listening skills. And today I would like to talk to you about creativity and in praticular about one thing that you can do to expand your creativity, to be more creative and to add some fun into your life. I am talking about starting an artbook. 
Well, this is my artbook, it has stickers on it, because I am a grown-up person who just loves stickers. What is an artbook? Basically it is just a notebook - any kind of notebook - where you put your creative ideas. You can draw there, you can take some cut-outs from magazines and paste them on the page, you can make scrap-book pages, or you can just write something, or just put paint in random spots on the page - anything that comes to your mind, anything that you can put on a blank page. 
And now I am going to show you some examples from my artbook.
So, this is my artbook. It was just a usual notebook with a black cover, but I put some crazy stickers on it, because I live stickers. Now let's see some examples of pages. 
This is one of my favourite pages, even though it is very simple. It is just one of my favourite quotations, put on a page with some pain. You can really do something like that very easily - put some paint on the page, and put some words on it afterwards. But for some reason I really like the effect.
Here you can see something different. The right side doesn't show very well on camera, it's just a pencil drawing, I tried to do a picture of one of my cats, and here you can see just some random stamps. 
This example here, the right side, is something that I also like very much - it's a scrap-book page from the latest Abney Park concert that I visited and I enjoyed really a lot, and I like this page, too. 
This is just something silly, I just put Post-Its on the page but I really like how bright and positive it looks. 
And here you actually see some dried-up plants. I collected them during a visit to a friend's country-house and I decided to put them here, too. 
Well, you can see how nice and thick it looks. I showed you just a couple of pages, but there can really be lots and lots of other examples. 
Well, these were just some examples, but in fact you can do much more. If you go online to Google Pictures or Pinterest and type "artbook examples" or "artbook ideas" you can see lots and lots of other interesting ideas. And, believe me, I've just started it, I'm trying it, and it is so interesting, really, putting some of your sometimes crazy ideas on the page.
Well, I hope it was at least a little bit interesting for you. I hope this video will inspire you to be a little more creative and maybe to start your own artbook. 
Thank you, everyone, for watching, liking and commenting and I will see you around in the next video. 
Bye bye.