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How To Describe Things In English
If you are trying to describe things in English and fail - this video may help. Some of the useful phrases are capitalised in the subtitles/text. 
Imagine the following situation. You want to show your foreign friends some holiday photographs or to tell them about your favourite book or your hobby, but you can't find the right words. If this situation has happened to you, then this is the right video for you because in it I am going to give you some good examples of describing different things.
Hi! I'm Julia and this is Random English - a channel that will help you improve your English skills. And today we are going to practice some describing. I am going to choose three things that I will describe for you, give you some useful phrases, and after that I will ask you to describe something yourself. Let's begin.
The first thing is ONE OF MY FAVOURITE photographs. THIS PHOTOGRAPH WAS TAKEN on one of my trips to Karelia, in the North of Russia. IN THIS PHOTOGRAPH YOU CAN SEE a lake. IT IS CALLED Bear Lake. And I TOOK THIS PHOTOGRAPH at sunset. This is one of my favourite photographs. I really like how the clouds look and I really like the silhouettes of the trees. While other people in our group were busy setting up our camp I was running around taking photographs of the lake, of the forest, of the sunset, and in my humble opinion this is ONE OF MY BEST photographs. 
The second thing I would like to describe is ONE OF MY FAVOURITE books. I hope you can see it on the camera. THE BOOK IS CALLED Alice in Wonderland. Probably you already know about it. If not, think about reading it. THE BOOK TELLS ABOUT a girl who follows a white rabbit. And following the rabbit she finds herself in a magic land where she sees fantastic creatures, and experiences different exciting adventures. THE BOOK IS REALLY funny and really colorful. IT HAS REALLY GOOD LANGUAGE and really exciting stories. This particular edition of the book is my favourite because it also has really good pictures inside.
And the third thing that I would like to describe is my scrapbook. If you don't know what scrapbooking means you can go to Google or Wikipedia and see some great examples. This is a scrapbook I made. I made it completely BY MYSELF so I MADE THE BOOK FROM separate pages, I made the cover of the book and inside THERE ARE some photographs like photographs from the trips we had - I don't know if you can see it, - there are some, like, receipts or tickets, for example, there is a whole page with cinema and concert tickets. IT TOOK ME ABOUT 4 months to make it, I SPENT whole evenings making the scrapbook and I REALLY ENJOYED making it. And I think THIS IS A REALLY GOOD WAY TO keep the memories. It is not just a photo album, it has some material things to come with the photos. 
Well, these are the three things that I wanted to describe for you. Now I would like you to do the same thing but with one object or photograph. Choose an object or a photograph, describe it in several sentences - don't forget to use some of the phrases that you saw in this video - and you can send it to me, I will check and correct it if necessary. You can send it to me by private messages on social networks or through my website, 
Well, I hope this video was useful for you. Thank you very much for watching, liking and commenting, and I will see you around in the next video. Bye bye.