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Holiday Plans
It seems that summer is a very busy time for me... But I don't want to go away on holiday without uploading at least a short video for you! I hopre you will not forget about me while I am away on holiday 🙂
Summer is a holiday time, so let's talk a little bit about it. 
Hi! I'm Julia and this is Random English - a channel that will help you improve your listening skills. 
And today we are going to talk about holidays and holiday plans. 
I will start by telling you a little bit about my plans for this summer. 
This summer I am going to go on holiday two times. The first time I am going to do to the south and do some paragliding. If you don't know what paragliding is you can search it online or wait a little bit, I will make one of my next videos about it. After that I am going to the north of our country to do some white water rafting. These are both extreme sports and - I don't know, I am really not an extreme person, but I like them. And both holidays I will spend living in a tent  - actually, I quite like it. But after I spend a couple of weeks in a tent I am really glad to come back to my apartment, take a bath and sleep in my bed. 
Well, these are my plans for the holidays, and I would like you to do the same. Tell me about your plans for the summer or for your nearest holiday. You can write to me about them in the comments or you can send me an email at
Well, this is it. Unfortunately I only have time for a short video. Why? Because tomorrow very early in the morning I have a plane and I am flying away to my first holiday. So there will be no new videos for a couple of weeks. 
Well, I am waiting for your messages and emails about your holiday plans. Have a good summer and I will see you in a couple of weeks. Bye bye.