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I don’t know why but making the video and editing was so hard today… I hope the video is not too bad. Watch it till the end for some great news 🙂

Hello, everyone! Did you miss me? I'm back again with a new video and at the end of this video there will also be some great news. Let's begin!

Hi! I'm Julia. Welcome to Random English - a channel that will help you improve your language skills. And today I would like to recomment you another great resource for learning English. 

Have you heard about BBC - the British Broadcasting Company? If you are learning English you probably have. Well, it is not just a news resource, it is also a great language learning resource. If you go to you will find lots of great language learning materials. There is grammar, pronunciation, listening, there are adapted news stories and there are even whole English courses for different levels which you can follow. Isn't that great? This resource is completely free, high quality and very convenient - you can download the materials or study them at the BBC Learning English website. You can find the link to the resource in the description to the video below. Don't forget to check it out, I think it will be very useful for you. 

And now to the news that I promissed to you at the beginning of the video. The first piece of news is that now I have a Skype chat group for the Random English community. The link is in the description to this video below, if you haven't joined it - do it. I am not always online but you can chat with other learners, and when I am online we can chat on different topics and of course you can also ask me questions about English.

The second piece of great news is that now thanks to a friend I have a completely new, totally awesome Random English website. The address is and there is also a link in the description to the video. Please, visit it. I hope you like it.

Well, that is it for today. I hope that the BBC resource will be useful for you. Don't forget to join the chat group or visit the Random English website. And I will see you around on Sunday. Bye bye.